Wednesday, 2 November 2011

'Make Your Mark' Digital Freehand!

Post Modernism freehand, The Cloth for Betty Jackson, Fraser Taylor, Keith Haring

As a textile student of the 80's I was influenced by the young London textile collective The Cloth who all met at the Royal College of Art. During the period of 1983-88 they produced an energetic body of work against the harsh backdrop of Thatcher's Britain, moving freely between Fine art and design projects, designing record sleeves for Spandau Ballet, Altered States and print collections for Paul Smith and Betty Jackson to name a few. The design collective co-founded by Fraser Taylor, David Band, Helen Manning and Brain Bolger established a thriving collaborative studio.

'The initial idea was very simple, to make it easier for ourselves. We had similar ideas so we thought why not join together and work with one aim as opposed to fighting against one another for work'

Digital translation of work freehand, beautiful effects achieved with scanned collage, overlays, brushes, gradients and filters.

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