Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Notes on Colour!


Inspired by the Postmodernist theme, a colour scheme might be based upon an image taken from the exhibition or a found one that relates. 

Emma Neuberg returns to the Las Vegas theme as it explicitly echoes the original thematic groupings, Subversion/Chaos and Humour/Fun.

Taking a neon sign to start, she selects 6 colours (there is a yellow ochre and an ochre with a hint of chartreuse in the original selection, as seen momentarily in the image!) and applies different shades and tints to get an idea of the feel of her collection.

If you have time, why not select a couple of photos to work out your own selection of colours (or alternative possibilities for a different season) and imagine how these may look.

What message might they communicate on the body - evening wear, luxury accents, resortwear, teenwear or nu rave, for instance?!

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