Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Every print has a story!

Every print has a story!

Here is People's Print member Geraldine Perclard, who is graduating this year with her exciting textile collection 'Chaos and Order' to find out more The People's Print asked her some questions:

What is the inspiration behind your work Geraldine?
The 'Chaos and Order' Collection was inspired by the research I have done on Schizophrenia.I have experienced this illness from very close as one of my relative was diagnosed with it when I was four years old. The visual research is based on the concept of Chaos vs. Order. The way I see it is: the things that goes on in the mind of people suffering from schizophrenia is fast, random and very busy - messy and chaotic to anybody else - But there is also another side to it - a rare outermost sensitiveness to the physical and natural environment that is when, I think, the genius comes in.Ultimately, through the Chaos and Order Collection  I would like to raise awareness about an illness that is more common than we think -  1/100 people suffers from it  at one point in their life.  With real support from society - people suffering from it and their relatives can live an almost normal life.

What techniques have you used? 
As primary research I started to  do my own paintings to express the Chaos, it was spontaneous, random, I didn't follow any rules. In parallel, I started to develop a collection of geometric shapes inspired by chemistry and maths, theories, they expressed the genius, the Order. I designed the geometric on Illustrator as I wanted a very sleek and sharp aesthetic - I then open my files on Photoshop and placed the paintings  into the different shapes. I printed the final design on cotton and silk and painted block colours in the shapes and dip dyed the fabric.

Who inspires you?
I am inspired by designers and artists who are not afraid to challenge prejudices and use their practice to make a statement. 

Are you excited about your future as a young textile designer?
I am very excited because I think that through textiles so much can be said, it is an amazing platform to catch the public attention on subject that are taboo or not always easy to talk about otherwise. Designing beautiful textiles that also tell a story and raise social issues, I can't wait to start!

What would be your dream collaboration or project? 
My dream collaboration is with my sister, she is an amazing make up artist, and I would love to create an original collection mixing textiles and make up.

Thank you Geraldine, The People's Print wish you all the best in your career. 
For more information on Geraldine's work visit her blog:


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