Sunday, 24 June 2012

Go Girl Go!

People's Print member Naomi Whitehead graduates this year from Chelsea College of Art and Design with her final collection 'Naomi's World', here's more about whats going on in her world of pattern, print and material investigation.

Hello Naomi

Who and what  inspires you?
I love the bold colour and graphic symbolism found within the motoring industry. Chemistry labs and crystal structures also inspire me. New scientific textiles and the unexpected reapplication of materials excites me the most. 

What techniques have you used in your final collection? 
I have used digital printing on to wool to create women tailoring with bold colour choices. I have also created a matching jewellery collection using plant based BioResin, currently used in the motoring industry by companies such as BMW for car exteriors. I have found that BioResin is perfect for jewellery due to its non-toxic,  eco-friendly properties.

Are you excited about your future as a young textile designer?
It is a scary prospect leaving education but the possibilities and applications of my textiles have the potential to be applied in many industries. 

What are your unique qualities that you think you offer as you enter the world of art and design?
My approach to research is my greatest asset. I'm always developing new ideas and pushing material processes further. I'm looking into professional degassing methods in order to infuse my digital prints inside BioResin to create larger sculptural pieces.

What would be your dream collaboration or project? 
My dream collaboration would be with Mclaren racing, combining my passion for luxury cars with digital print and  BioResin experiments would be an exciting project. In past project Inside/Outside I created digital prints based on the lightweight composite fabrics as well as sculptural pieces using laminating resin.  These fabrics  include Carbon fibre and Kevlar as used on the exterior panels of performance cars.  

The People’s Print wish you all the success for your future!

For more on Naomi’s exciting work:

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